Earth Evolution - Issue 02

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw

In the second issue of Earth Evolution we continue to keep you up to date and informed on the latest innovations, trends and news in the supply chain industry

Welcome to the second issue of Earth Evolution - a newsletter committed to innovation, sustainability and cost efficiency in the supply chain sector.

Action to support a more sustainable future is growing. In the last month we saw Sainsbury’s CEO call for collaboration to foster a more sustainable, resilient food system, and the Coles Group in Australia asked for submissions from the public to share their ideas on how to halve the country’s food waste.

People around the world also came together to celebrate the 54th anniversary of Earth Day on 22 April. This year’s theme, Planet vs Plastics, aimed to raise awareness about the harms of plastic pollution calling for a 60% reduction in production by 2040 and the elimination of single use plastics.

Efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging is at the heart of IGD’s Sustainable Packaging Business Case. PalletEarth was thrilled to collaborate with IGD on the report that illustrates how adopting more sustainable packaging systems will benefit business sustainability and commerciality. You can read the executive summary here.

Harnessing the benefits of technology can also support businesses achieve cost-saving and efficiency goals. In our third whitepaper – Unlocking Efficiency we explore real-world case studies that showcase the immediate cost savings and rapid ROI that can be achieved through well-implemented AI technology.

There are many more actions that challenge the status quo to support a more sustainable tomorrow. We share a selection of these in the following issue, that we hope you enjoy reading.

Dave and the PalletEarth team

Industry News

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo removes plastic from local fresh produce

Jumbo’s efforts to remove plastic packaging from locally sourced cucumbers, leeks and peppers is forecast to save more than 50 tonnes of plastic per year and eliminate of 140 tonnes of C02e emissions. The change reinforces how using returnable plastic containers (RPC’s), and strong pallets, can provide the protection needed for fresh product, allowing for reduced plastic and cardboard packaging.

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Asda demands suppliers CO2 data

At a conference in March, Asda asked its suppliers to sign up to a new data platform Eco Vadis to measure carbon emissions, treatment of workers, ethics and procurement practices.  It said the data provided by its suppliers will help it to better understand and integrate its suppliers ESG and carbon performance across the business. Asda also committed to undertake an Eco Vadis assessment.

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How robots can support the future of agriculture

A report released by data and analytics group Gobal Data, has predicted that the future of agriculture will be underpinned by robots. ‘Robotics in Agriculture’ looks at how robotics can achieve precision in agriculture processes, automating machines and supporting vertical farming to help tackle climate change and labour shortages.

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McKinsey & Company ‘How could Panama Canal restrictions affect supply chains?’

This article by the Business Continuity Institute offers a well referenced overview of the key trends that companies need to have on their radar over the next 12 months as they navigate the challenges facing our modern-day supply chains. 

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Featured Innovation

UK – Clean, Green Marketing Strategies: navigating tougher restrictions on environmental claims

With consumers and suppliers demanding more information on how your company is reducing its environmental footprint, how can you navigate the fine line between being transparent or being accused of greenwashing? This report by Conventus Law explores the interplay between sustainability standards and advertising from a UK and EU perspective.

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The Danish City reimagining reuse

Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, is a leading example of a truly circular economy. Here, material exchange centre’s prevent everything from dishes to electronic devices from going to waste. The innovative example of reuse in action shows just what can be achieved with community commitment and support.

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Sustainability Spotlight

How energy storage can support our electricity hungry future 

How can salt, air, bricks and hand-warmer gel be used as alternatives to conventional batteries to store energy in the form of heat? Recent innovation is looking at how these everyday items can be used to support our energy hungry future. And its gaining attention by government, industry and engineers. Read about how a clutch of start-ups are now aiming to industrialise the practice.

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How applying actuarial thought to the impact of climate change could drive meaningful change

The University of Exeter and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries recently collaborated to produce the report: The Emperors New Climate Scenarios – Limitations and assumptions of commonly used climate-change scenarios in financial services. The report looks at how applying actuarial principles to climate-change scenarios can help financial service institutions and regulators to understand current modelling limitations in order to build and adopt new models that may help implement real change. 

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