Our suite of Material Intelligence software tools unlocks the data gathered from your pallet movements.

Each tool shines a light on the effectiveness of your supply chain, helping you make operating decisions that will not only improve efficiencies but also save time and money.

Speak to us about which tools will benefit your business and start adding value.


Smart Locator

  • Improve pallet utilisation
  • Improve pallet security
  • Reduce product theft
  • Reduce LEC charges
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce pallet administration costs

Smart Alerter

No matter where they are, know exactly what’s happening to your goods and if any pallet needs urgent attention. This tool encapsulates the functions of Smart Locator, and also helps:

  • Identify major supply chain events that impact on supply chain waste
  • Impact alerts
  • Temperature alerts
  • Pallets out of location
  • Enhance customer service
  • Enhance dispute resolution
  • Optimise pallet utilisation

Smart Scanner App

Find your pallets and goods using handheld devices anywhere.

Our Smart Scanner helps:

  • Reduce time spent finding pallets /stock
  • Reduce stock-take times

Smart Billing

Need to charge out your pallet hire. Smart Billing enables you to re-charge actual pallet use to customers.

  • Automatically identifies pallet costs of each customer
  • Is geo-fence location driven
  • Summary and detail reporting by location
  • Highly customisable to meet your business needs
  • Simplify customer relations with easy to understand and transparent charges

Smart API

  • Industry standard secure REST API 
  • Integrate pallet movements into your data set
  • Query temperature / impacts over time
  • Push product and logistics data to the pallet
  • Automate pallet utilisation decisioning
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