Smart fresh produce pallets – the key to protecting your produce

Your fresh produce needs to be just that, fresh. Our Fresh Produce configured pallets can help your business deliver better.

  • Designed by the fresh industry for the fresh industry. Freezer compatible – suitable for temperatures down to -20oC
  • Air holes specifically designed to improve fruit and produce quality
  • Structural stability reduces container or produce damage
  • Drive through racking for bulk store and ripening rooms
  • Fully compatible with crates and trays
  • Easy clean
  • Smart tracking data from loading until unloading of your fresh produce journey, providing key insights into your supply chain
  • Cold Chain and impact alerts
  • Steelite™ patented frame provides protection for your goods from fork impact
  • FDA/EU compliant with indirect food contact
  • IPSM 15 compliant. Import and export ready 24/7/365
  • Design is HACCP Compliant with EHEDG (Document 8) & ANSI/NSF 51

PalletEarth’s Composite Pallets have an internal Steelite™ patented frame designed to provide structural integrity and strength without the weight. This is key to longevity and protection of your products.

Fresh Produce Pallet Specs

Our pallet dimensions comply with ISO standard pallet and European standards EU2 and EU3.
Model Number: P15-1210-MI
Pallet Dimensions: 1200mm x 1000mm x 127mm (H)
Pallet Racking (no deck): 1500kg (3306.9lbs)
Edge Racking (drive through): 1500kg (3306.9lbs)
Static Load: 4500kg (9900lbs)
Dynamic Load: 3000kg (6613lbs)
Pallet Weight: 24kg (52.8lbs)
  1. Steelite™ patented backed external frame to provide protection for your goods from fork impact.
  2. Solid deck to maximise product support.
  3. 46mm (1 6/8ths in) perimeter edge steel backed for full packaging support, reducing packaging and product damage.
  4. Export ready – ISPM Complaint
  5. Material Intelligence capable. Global data collection and communications on location, impact, temperature.
  6. Pallet racking compatible for 1000mm outward face for storage. Patented Matchett Lock ensures safe stowage and retrieval of pallets in racking without decking.
  7. Drive through (edge rack) compatible.
  8. True 4-way entry (730mm opening all sides) for maximum operational efficiency.
  9. Steelite™ patented frame prohibits fork tines from pushing up under pallet deck, reducing product damage.
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