Starting with our revolutionary, composite palleting system, PalletEarth is on a mission to change the way businesses move product from A to B and beyond. With technology and data at the heart of PalletEarth, we provide corporations circularly economical yet sustainable supply chain solutions that drive down costs, consumption and carbon.


100% SteeliteTM core and impact resistant plastic outer = longer life compared to a wooden pallet.

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Reusable, repairable, and recyclable at end-of-life. Bring the circular economy into your own supply chain.

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Revolutionise your supply chain.

With inbuilt tracking and Material Intelligence, know exactly where and what your stock is doing. Our Steelite™ pallet core substantially increases strength. Made from recycled materials, our impact resistant plastic outer is safer, lighter and stronger. It’ll more than handle the rigours over a longer lifespan.

Engineering a brighter tomorrow.

With over 5 years of research & development, our partners at RDP Group Ltd, Auckland University, Pure Design & Engineering, Oceanic Navigation Ltd and Armacup Ltd are helping us shine a light on smarter supply chain alternatives.

Let’s do the numbers.

Working with your team, we can provide long-term freighting solutions that will drive down costs whilst reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint. Talk to us today to change your tomorrow.
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