Earth Evolution - Issue 03

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.” Barack Obama

In the third issue of Earth Evolution we continue to keep you up to date and informed on the latest innovations, trends and news in the supply chain industry

The phrases ‘triple bottom line’ and ‘People, Planet and Profit’ are not new. They were first coined by British management consultant and sustainability champion John Elkington (Cannibals with Forks, 1994) as his way of measuring business performance.

Today, these linked concepts sit at the very heart of modern circular business models. New research released by MIT Sloan Management Review this week explores exactly this. ‘Find a Circular Strategy to Fit Your Business Model’ details how the simplified circular principles to ‘use less, use longer use again, use differently’ can enhance an organisations ability to meet its net-zero emission and sustainability goals.

We know that it has never been more important to challenge existing processes and invest time in exploring new ways of doing everyday tasks. The United Nations ActNow campaign inspires everyday people to act for the Sustainable Development Goals – encouraging everyone to take one action to create the future we want.

This issue of Earth Evolution profiles some of the latest examples of innovation and sustainability efforts across our sector that have recently caught our attention. We hope you enjoy reading them and maybe even feel inspired to make a small change yourself.  

Dave and the PalletEarth team

Industry News

Greenyard expands sustainable packaging in new Tetra Pak partnership

A new carboard packaging line at Greenyard Prepared in Belgium will offer more sustainable packaging for its fruit and vegetables. The new line expands its existing lineup of sustainable packaging options for ambient foods. 

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Co-op unveils ambitions new sustainability targets

Building on its adoption of a sustainability-linked financing facility, Co-op’s latest targets aim to reduce carbon emissions across its supply chain by: doubling suppliers enrolled in the Science Based Targets initiatives programme; targeting a 650 tonne reduction in food waste; and doubling the annual funding of the Co-op Levy Share. 

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Barriers remain to eliminate deforestation from supply chains

A joint report from the Accountability Framework initiative and CDP has found that while the achievement of deforestation and conversion-free supply chains is possible, it is still uncommon around the world. 

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Featured Innovation

Polytag Ecotrace Programme to revolutionise tracing and recycling of single-use plastic packaging

Recycling technology firm Polytag announced M&S as the founding member of its Ecotrace Programme which aims to benchmark and improve recycling rates. The initiative utilizes Polytag's innovative UV tag detection technology to obtain invaluable real-time insights into the collection and sorting of single-use plastic packaging.

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Investment in warehouse automation accelerates

With the adoption of warehouse automation accelerating, this special report by Rick Le Blanc looks at the implications for pallet quality, what is driving the trend, the types of automated systems involved and how co-design can help to ensure an efficient solution.

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Sustainability Spotlight

Why companies must embrace a unified approach to managing supply chains

Morten Johansen, COO of DP World Americas, shares his views on what companies really need to consider to build sustainability into the heart of their companies. 

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Podcast worth listening to: The Guardian- Science Weekly

In this episode of Science Weekly on the Guardian, Botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer explains what we can learn from the most ancient plants on Earth, why we need to cultivate gratitude for the natural world and what western science can learn from Indigenous knowledge. 

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Welcome to Earth Evolution - a newsletter committed to innovation, sustainability and cost efficiency in the supply chain sector. In an era where the global supply chain landscape is undergoing profound transformations, PalletEarth remains dedicated to nurturing change for a sustainable tomorrow.

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TVOne News Coverage

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Earth Evolution - Issue 02

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw

In the second issue of Earth Evolution we continue to keep you up to date and informed on the latest innovations, trends and news in the supply chain industry

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