Smart, trackable pallets for superior supply chain performance


On the truck, ship, plane, forklift or warehouse, know where and what your pallet is doing 24/7/365 with our inbuilt tracking and data driven Material Intelligence systems.

  • Material Intelligence lets you see where your pallets and products are… plus what’s happening to them
  • Gather in-depth data and drive service, sustainability and cost efficiencies
  • Global in reach, gather data throughout your entire supply chain
  • Material Intelligence highlights issues with goods in real-time wherever they are in your supply chain. User defined alerts on pallets not doing what they should be – location, impact, cold chain
  • Quickly locate Pallet issues in your supply-line, saving time and money
  • Material Intelligence reduces losses from damage, theft, and lost pallet
  • Material Intelligence improves your supply chain performance
  • Unique barcode to enhance stock count, stock control and support system integration
  • Enhance operational efficiency with API to interface Material Intelligence data to your systems
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